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Blogging can be fun, but it can be difficult to put  a good blog post together,particularly when it comes to adding images and links to make the page more interesting.Zemanta  is  an add-on for Firefox or Microsoft’s Live writer blogging tool.


Zemanta opens as a sidebar in the window with a collections of pictures shown.At first these are random,but type into the search box  and you will see a collection of relevant logo shots, all available for free use of charge.Double clicking or dragging one adds it to the post.The same applies to the links and tags that appear at the bottom of the post- each can be added to the post with a click.


Based on the text of your post, it  automatically suggests labels .Also "Latest Update" gives you a list of blog posts from other blogs writing about similar topics.Zemanta is  a great way to discover sites deals with  similar topics, and if you'd like to point your readers to those articles for further reading, clicking on them in the sidebar inserts them as "Related reading" links at the bottom of your post .


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You can use Zemanta with both Gmail and Yahoo mail.Even though  a little irritating,it is a really cool to quickly and easily add images and links to your email.


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